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Journey to 100

We understand that every farmer has different needs, preferences, and unique challenges on their farms. As a result of that, we’ve decided to regionalize the Journey to 100 and Journey to 300 yield challenges this year in an effort to shift the focus more to the journey and less on the competition. Every soil type, productivity level, region and personal journey to higher yields is unique and they should be evaluated that way.

2016 Winners

  • One winner from each state in Beck's marketing area

    • David Redding | Michigantown, IN | 87.0 Bu./A. with XL® 387R4™*brand

    • Nathan Anderson | Aurelia, IA | 78.5 Bu./A. with BECK 264L4

    • Donald Poore | Albany, KY | 72.8 Bu./A. with XL® 453R4™*brand

  • One winner with the overall highest percent increase in yield over their check

    • David Redding | Michigantown, IN | 30.0 Bu./A. yield increase over historical average with XL® 387R4™*brand

Beck's History of Raising 100 Bushel Soybeans

Beck’s Practical Farm Research (PFR)® has been attempting to break the 100 bushel soybean yield level for the past seven years. Although we haven’t always reached 100 Bu./A., we have achieved significant yield gains over the years. 

So what does it take to raise 100 bushel soybeans? This is a question we hear every year from our farmer customers. Beck's responded by adding the 100 Bushel Attempt Practical Farm Research Study in 2008. In 2014, Beck's PFR successfully hit the 100 bushel goal attempt for the first time at both the Indiana and Kentucky PFR sites. You can learn more about what contributed to these high yields in our 2014 Practical Farm Research Book by clicking here

  • 2014 (Indiana PFR): XL® 368NR™* brand = 101.1 Bu./A. (page 80 in the 2014 PFR Book)

  • 2014 (Kentucky PFR): XL® 433R2™* brand = 101.6 Bu./A. (page 139 in the 2014 PFR Book)

Phoenix is a registered trademark of a Syngenta Group Company. Phoenix brand seed is distributed by Beck’s Superior Hybrids, Inc.*XL® brand seed is distributed by Beck’s Superior Hybrids, Inc. XL® is a registered trademark of Pioneer.