Double Crop Sugar Study

2018 Multi Location Soybean Double Crop Sugar Study Foliar

  • Indiana
  • Kentucky
  • Southern IL
  • Multi-Location

The purpose of this study is to compare various sugar products, applied at the R1 growth stage, and their impact on plant health, yield and profitability.




Having observed positive results from sugar applications in both corn and soybeans, it only made sense to give it a try this season on double crop soybeans as well. Although double crops are not typically as high-yielding as first crop soybeans, the agronomic effects of sugar on the plant remain the same. So how did the results stack up this season?

All sugar products tested showed a positive yield response over the untreated control. When looking at the effect on return on investment, even though the yield increases were minimal, increases were seen with all but one product due to the low cost of the sugar products tested.