Fungicide Study

2017 Southern Illinois Corn Fungicide Study - Carrier Rate

  • Southern IL

The purpose of this study is to evaluate different fungicide water carrier rates and their impact on yield and profitability.


Some fungicide labels recommend a minimum of 10 or 15 gal./A. carrier volume, which leaves farmers wondering, “how much carrier volume do I use to get the most out of my fungicide?” With the results from this season, we now have some data to back up our volume recommendations. Although all carrier rates tested yielded higher than the untreated check and had a positive return on investment, the 10 gal. carrier rate barely paid to make the application, whereas the 15 and 20 gal. carrier rates both paid back well. When making decisions in times of low commodity prices, even things as small as carrier volume can greatly impact your bottom line. Skimping on water when utilizing fungicide could actually cost you in the long run when compared to running more optimum volumes that will achieve the coverage the fungicide needs.






Planted 6/5/2017 | Harvested 10/12/2017 | Population 34,000 Seeds/A. | Row Width 30 in. | Previous Crop Corn | Tillage Fall: Vertical-Till/In-Line Rip, Spring: Vertical-Till | Herbicides Burndown: 3 pt. Gramoxone® SL 2.0, 4 oz. Metribuzin Pre: 3.5 oz. Corvus®, 1 qt. Atrazine, 1 qt. Roundup PowerMAX® | Insecticides 4.4 lb. Force® 3G, Escalate | Starter 10 gal. 28-0-0 2x2 | Total Nitrogen 215 Units as UAN | Brand 6158AM™* | Soil Type Cisne (Silt Loam) | Soil Test Values pH 5.7, O.M. % 2.3, CEC 8.2 | Percent Base Saturation Ca 54.7, Mg 13.7, K 2.4, H 29.2 | Parts Per Million P 18, K 77, S 7, Zn 2.4, Mn 68, B 0.3


*®XL, Optimum, and AcreMax are registered trademarks of Pioneer. XL® brand seed is distributed by Beck’s Superior Hybrids, Inc.