Closing Wheel Study

2017 Central Illinois Corn Closing Wheel Study

  • Central IL

The purpose of this study is to determine what effect different closing wheel types have on plant emergence and yield. unfavorable planting conditions were targeted in this study.


This study was intentionally planted into wetter than optimal soil conditions in an attempt to draw out any potential differences between closing wheels and their ability to effectively close the seed trench. Little, if any, differences were observed between the emerged populations and Net Effective Plant Stands (NEPS). However, we saw higher yields with the hybrid style of closing wheels compared to the control solid rubber wheel. We hypothesize that the solid wheels may have caused minor amounts of side wall compaction given the less-than-ideal planting conditions, which may have limited root growth and ultimately resulted in lower yields. 





Planted 5/12/2017 | Harvested 10/10/2017 | Population 34,500 Seeds/A. | Row Width 30 in. | Previous Crop Corn | Tillage Fall: Chisel, Spring: Vertical-Till | Herbicides Pre: 1 qt. Atrazine, 3.5 oz. Corvus® Post: 3 oz. Capreno®, 1 qt. Atrazine, 1 qt. Roundup PowerMAX® | Insecticides Escalate | Starter 10 gal. 28-0-0 2x2 | Total Nitrogen 215 Units as UAN | Brand 6175AMXT™* | Soil Type Sable (Silty Clay Loam) | Soil Test Values pH 6.7, O.M. % 3.9, CEC 14.7 | Percent Base Saturation Ca 76.4, Mg 13, K 2.4, H 8.2 | Parts Per Million P 22, K 137, S 4, Zn 1.9, Mn 47, B 0.6 


*®XL, Optimum, and AcreMax are registered trademarks of Pioneer. XL® brand seed is distributed by Beck’s Superior Hybrids, Inc.



Solid Rubbers, Yetter Poly Spikes, Copperhead Ag Furrow Cruiser®, Schaffert Mohawk, Schlagel Posi-Close, Schaffert Zipper