Fungicide Study

2017 Kentucky Corn Fungicide Study - Carrier Rate

  • Kentucky

The purpose of this study is to evaluate different fungicide water carrier rates and their impact on yield and profitability.


The early-season disease pressure in this plot was low, with only a slight onset of Gray Leaf Spot (GLS). Later in the season, Southern Rust made its way to our site, but by that point this plot had already reached physiological maturity. Although we experienced a low amount of disease pressure, it was evident which areas of the plot had received a late-season fungicide application due to staygreen. While XL® 5828AMX™*brand has a medium fungicide response, it has a staygreen rating of seven. With this staygreen rating, we expected a late-season fungicide application to help stalks maintain moisture and remain greener longer, which is what the plants did in this study.

Although there weren’t any visual differences between the carrier rates, the yields indicate that increasing coverage helped control the disease that was present. It also increased the staygreen, which likely extended grainfill and increased return on investment. 






Planted 4/13/2017 | Harvested 9/21/2017 | Population 34,000 Seeds/A. | Row Width 30 in. | Previous Crop Soybeans | Tillage Fall: In-Line Rip, Spring: Vertical-Till/Field Cultivation | Herbicides Pre: 3.5 oz. Corvus®, 1 lb. Atrazine Post: 3 oz. Capreno®, 1 lb. Atrazine | Insecticides Escalate | Starter 9 gal. 30-0-0 2x2 | Total Nitrogen 190 Units as UAN | Brand 5828AMX™* | Soil Type Alford (Silt Loam) | Soil Test Values pH 6, O.M. % 2.5, CEC 10.4 | Percent Base Saturation Ca 50.3, Mg 25.5, K 1.3, H 23 | Parts Per Million P 7, K 51, S 2, Zn 1.3, Mn 54, B 0.2 


*®XL, Optimum, and AcreMax are registered trademarks of Pioneer. XL® brand seed is distributed by Beck’s Superior Hybrids, Inc.