Starter Fertilizer Systems Study

2017 Multi-Location Corn Starter Fertilizer Systems Study - 2x2x2

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Is there an advantage to placing nitrogen on both sides of the row of corn at planting?

One year of data across our six Practical Farm Research sites indicates, yes. Changing our application of nitrogen from one side of the row to both sides of the row increased yields by 5-6 Bu./A.  We also tested higher rates of nitrogen with the 2x2x2 placement. 60 units of nitrogen, applied to both sides of the row, resulted in an additional yield increase of +9.5 Bu./A. A rate this high would not be recommended in a traditional 2x2 system, due to risk of fertilizer burn.

The purpose of this study is to compare starter products, rates, and placements in the Martin-Till® Dual UMO 2x2x2 or Yetter Dual 2968 Series to a traditional 2x2 system and the impact on yield and profitability.


A 2x2x2 system gives us a great opportunity to supply more nitrogen (N) early in the season on both sides of the root zone. In cool, wet springs, we’ve see an advantage to having extra N upfront to offset any loss or lack of mineralization from the soil. The 2x2x2 system gives us more options moving forward by reducing the salt load in the root zone. It appears that placement does in fact matter! On average, we observed a 5.9 Bu./A. yield increase to feeding both sides of the row, as opposed to one side with the traditional 2x2 system. We have seen good results in the past from Start Right, but the extra N this year was needed due to the wet conditions.

Steve Gauck | Field Agronomist













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