Nitrogen Timing Study

2017 Southern Illinois Wheat Nitrogen Timing Study - UAN

  • Southern IL

The purpose of this study is to evaluate various timings of nitrogen (N) applications, in the form of UAN, to determine their effect on N use efficiency, yield and profitability.


Over the years, Beck’s PFR has evaluated many different forms and application timings of nitrogen (N). Our multi-year, multi-location data indicates that split-applying N has been the most effective, even when compared to using stabilizers. Our goal now is to evaluate split applications at different growth stages of wheat. The two application treatment that focused more N later in the season proved to be the highest yielding trial and had the highest return. The three application treatment was close behind in yield and net return, however we did not add the cost of an extra trip into this net return calculation. The third treatment, which focused more N earlier in the season, was the lowest yielding and had the lowest return. This could be a result of the timing of heavy, early rainfall events impacting N loss.





Planted 10/8/2016 | Harvested 6/13/2017 | Population 1,500,000 Seeds/A. | Row Width 15 in. | Previous
Corn | Tillage No-Till | Herbicides 2 oz. PowerFlex® HL, 0.75 oz. Harmony® Extra SG | Insecticides Escalate, 1.28 oz. Warrior II | Brand 125 | Soil Type Cisne (silt loam) | Soil Test Values pH 6.8, O.M.% 1.9, CEC 6.2 | Percent Base Saturation Ca 72.3, Mg 19.4, K 5.2, H 3.0 | Parts per Million P 81, K 127, S 5, Zn 6.9 Mn 48, B 0.2