1 + 1 = 3...Taking data to the next level
What can you expect from Beck’s 2019 PFR Insight Meetings? More data.

We took many of the learnings and insights from last year’s featured studies and dove deeper into the why behind their success. Taking our data to the next level, we also combined a few study aspects to determine if there was an additive effect or if, in fact, 1+1 could equal 3.

2019 PFR Insight Meetings
Closing Wheels
This year we tested different closing wheels in both a systems approach and in varying soil conditions.
How do various sugar products perform at different planting dates and rates? That’s what we set out to determine in this study.
In 2018, we evaluated different carrier rates for fungicides, water conditioners for foliar nutritional products, and the effect of applying both at different times of the day.
It’s not just for nitrogen! This year we tested a combination of nitrogen, phosphorus, and biological concentrations.
PFR Proven™ Class of 2018
Multi-year, multi-location proven products and practices that continue to pay, year after year.
Regional Updates
These topics are developed by your local agronomist to address issues specific to your area this past year and how we can learn from them.



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