Say hello to FARMserver®, a secure, web-based solution that serves as your farm’s foundation for all precision ag activities.



Until now, farmers have lacked the centralized and universal tools needed to properly implement precision ag strategies on their farms. With FARMserver®, you can precisely monitor cropping variables, collect data concerning those variables, analyze the data, and then use the learned information to increase productivity on the farm. Developed with the farmer in mind, it’s simple, secure and puts you in total control.



You have the power to determine what information you want to share for collaboration purposes. With FARMserver®, it’s there when you need it and you are in control.



Unlike many competitive solutions, FARMserver® does not require specialized training. Developed with ease in mind, the dashboard was created to offer a simple and user-friendly experience.



The information you want and need to make decisions should be available to you anytime, anywhere. FARMserver® is a web-based tool, so you are no longer restricted to specific desktop computers and laptops.



FARMserver® makes collecting data from multiple sources easy. Simply load whatever data you have and FARMserver® take the compatibility worries away.




The Field Focus view in FARMserver® allows you to view all the events that take place in a field during a cropping season are displayed in chronological order on one screen. Quickly drill down and see what is relevant for a specific field in a particular season.



FARMserver® provides the most comprehensive aerial imagery system available, with your choice of 21 different products for viewing your fields. By using high resolution (50 cm) images, light wavelength filtering, and raw data delivery, you will have information you can use to make important field management decisions.



Together with the FARMserver® network and your personal weather station, this system will provide you with the most accurate and reliable weather information. Receive email or text message alerts when rain is approaching for your individual fields.


Seed Selection.

Selecting the right seed for the right field can dramatically impact yield. Simply answer a few questions and FARMserver® product selection tool evaluates the variables and selects the best seed products for your field.



Farmers will be able to compare yield data by a variety of factors. FARMserver® is dedicated to delivering advanced data analysis tools and will listen closely to farmers to develop tools that allow them to run the data analysis they need.