FARMserver® is Beck’s web-based tool for assisting farmers in implementing precision ag strategies.

With this easy-to-use and secure tool, farmers and their trusted advisors can collect and analyze data from their farm to make more informed decisions and increase productivity.

The best part? Beck’s customers have access to FARMserver at no additional cost.

benefits and features of farmserver.

  1. Create your own management zones with FARMserver’s easy, step-by-step process.
  2. Access FARMserver anywhere with mobile access.
  3. Reference events in your fields from any season or year with field-focused record keeping.
  4. Evaluate where improvements are needed in your field with comprehensive reports.
  5. Easily match seed to your fields, taking the guesswork out of product selection.
  6. Take advantage of soil sampling through the integration with Soil Test Pro.
  7. Receive reliable support from your local field advisor and the FARMserver support team.