Club benefits

  • Club members will receive a $6 per unit instant rebate off their invoice for each seed corn unit purchased for planting in 2018
  • All Members Present at a Beck’s Field Show Will Receive a Gift and Be Eligible to Win Prizes
  • Exclusive access to V.I.P. Room at Becknology™ Days
  • All Members Can Qualify for a Free Grand Cayman Reward Trip if They Have Purchased $190,000 of Corn and Soybean Seed


We invite you to become a member of Beck's President's Club, by agreeing to plant 100% Beck’s corn on your operation. Place your Spring 2018 seed corn order and sign a 100% Loyal Customer Affidavit to be eligible for all club benefits. President’s Club benefits will run from August 1, 2017 through July 31, 2018.

Loyalty cash back

President’s Club members will receive a Beck’s rebate check by August calculated on each consecutive year’s total seed corn order (after returns). This program is guaranteed to run through the 2019 planting year, if you remain a President’s Club member each year.

  • $2.00/unit of seed corn after year 1
  • $4.00/unit of seed corn after year 2

  • $6.00/unit of seed corn after year 3