LibertyLink GT 27 Soybeans

Beck's Freedom Plus® soybean series provides tolerance to glyphosate and Liberty® herbicides through the LibertyLink® GT27 trait stack. The Freedom Plus series will provide farmers with access to several key benefits in the fight against weed resistance.

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Whether farmers are complementing their current Beck's LibertyLink® or glyphosate acres, or looking for the broadest and most effective weed resistance management system, they now have another high-yielding option with Beck's Freedom Plus soybean series.


1. RevX Fields

2. Liberty® Herbicide Weed Control Guarantee

Beck's Freedom Plus Soybean Series Benefits

  • 2.7 Bu./A. Genetic Yield Advantage.* Beck's Freedom Plus® soybean series is comprised of the highest yielding soybeans in the industry. When compared to industry Roundup Ready 2 Xtend® soybeans, Beck's Freedom Plus soybean series out-yielded the industry by 2.7 Bu./A.
  • Broadest Spectrum Weed Control. Farmers will have the freedom to tackle weed resistance with both glyphosate and Liberty® herbicides for in-season spray applications.
  • No Buffer Restrictions. Farmers will enjoy the freedom of spraying fence row to fence row without any setbacks. Both herbicides are known for their safety and their ability to stay on target. No buffers and no borders.
  • Nematode Protection. Farmers will have additional nematode control delivered through NEMASECT in Beck's Escalate® seed treatment.