Beck's is dedicated to equipping farmers with the right hybrids for the right field. This corn technologies chart acts as a guide to the available traits and stacks. 

Regional selection means that we identify and launch products specific to your geography, weather patterns, and soil types. We know that producers are not "a one size fits all" from east to west and north to south. Beck's product selection is driven to find the highest performing products in each unique region across our marketing area. 


Through our intensive testing and field observations, Beck's is able to capture regional differences to deliver additional yield on your farm. Region by region, we make product recommendations based on specific factors affecting your area.

Factors For Regionally Selecting Corn

  • Green Snap
  • Standability
  • Stress Tolerance
  • Corn After Corn
  • Plant Health
  • Test Weight
  • Drydown
  • Plant/Ear Height
  • Goss's Wilt
  • Root Strength
  • Drought/Heat Tolerance
  • Dual Purpose - Grain/Silage