Escalate Soybean Seed Treatment

Beck's Base Soybean Seed Treatment

Your success starts with the seed you plant, and no matter what, your soybeans will be protected by Beck’s base seed treatment at no additonal cost. Escalate® | Nemasect® | SDS+ works to suppress 14 types of diseases and insects. In addition, it has a polymer for improved flowability and plantability, making it one of the most robust seed treatment packages available – all at no extra cost.

Beck's Upgraded Soybean Seed Treatment

Each farm and every year is unique, and that’s why Beck’s seed enhancements team is constantly monitoring and testing new opportunities to bring the most beneficial and value added products to customers. This year, we’re offering the option of a second treatment package that includes ILEVO® + TWO.O®, so you can select the level of protection that’s right for your operation.


  • Trusted, reliable protection against above- and below-ground instances of SDS.
  • Proven performance against multiple species of nematodes, including Soybean Cyst Nematode (SCN).
  • A complementary bacteria that enhances the microbial activity around the plant roots resulting in increased nutrient availability and uptake by the growing plant.

Seed Treatment Stewardship

Seed treatments provide farmers with an economical means of protecting seeds and seedlings against early-season insect pests and diseases. This results in stronger and more uniform stands, healthier plants and higher crop yields. It is essential that those who treat, handle, transport, and plant treated seeds manage them properly and in accordance with label instructions to minimize the risk of pesticide exposure to humans and the environment.

The Guide to Seed Treatment Stewardship

Treated Seed Stewardship for Handling Spills