The Great Harvest Organics (GHO) seed treatment mixes are a combination of beneficial ingredients, some of which are OMRI Listed®OMRI-listed that provide unique benefits for corn and soybeans. It’s a great way to get the best possible start for your organic crop and comes standard on all GHO corn and soybean seed. GHO Seed Treatment Sales Sheet


Seed Treatment Advantages and benefits

  • Biological bio-stimulant and bio-catalyst to improve plant health
  • Products are safe to handle and safe for the environment
  • Flow well through the planter
  • Increased early-season vigor of seedlings to help them outgrow insect pests and disease

2021 Improvements – Corn Treatment

Great Harvest Organics corn will come treated with Organic 1r Seed Treatment from SoilBiotics. This OMRI Listed product is an organic, humic acid and its benefits include:

  • Increased strike rate for faster germination and uniform emergence
  • Increased stand counts
  • Increased early-season vigor to help plants outgrow insect pests and disease pressures

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OMRI Listed Certificate: Organic 1r Seed Treatment


2021 Improvements – Soybean Treatment

In 2021, OBT 2001 WP by Osprey Biotechnics and BIOST® Organic VPH 9.0 by Albaugh, LLC will be added to the seed treatment mix for GHO soybeans. Both products are OMRI Listed.

Benefits of OBT 2001 WP and BIOST® Organic VPH 9.0 include:

  • OBT 2001 WP is a microbial seed-applied product that helps increase the availability and uptake of nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K).
  • The availability of additional N, P, and K support the development of bigger roots, which helps increase uptake of moisture and nutrients to enable better plant growth and increased yield potential.
  • BIOST® Organic VPH 9.0 provides a bio-stimulant response, enhanced nutritional response, and abiotic stress reduction.
  • Both products promote faster and stronger emerging seedlings.

 OMRI Listed Certificates: BIOST® ORGANIC VPH 9.0; OBT 2001 WP