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As farmers diversify their operations to stay competitive in today’s market, organic production continues to provide an opportunity to increase profitiability on the farm. Beck’s recognized the potential in organic in 2002 with the creation of its organic product line Great Harvest Organics, providing corn, soybean, and wheat seed to farmers across the U.S.

If you are interested in growing organic or expanding your organic operation, we invite you to explore Beck’s products and services. We look forward to serving you and helping you achieve your operation’s goals.

About Great Harvest Organics
Where Strong Roots Meet Endless Possibilities.

From day one back in 1937, Beck’s has made it a priority to offer farmers the choices they need to have a thriving operation.

In 2002, Beck’s introduced Great Harvest Organics, an organic line of products that provide farmers with elite genetics through our robust research program and relationships within the industry. The result? A high-yielding selection of certified organic corn, soybean, and wheat seed for your organic acres.

We are a family-owned company, putting farmers and their families first. Whether you are looking to diversify your farming operation or you are a current organic grower, you can trust Beck’s to provide you with the best organic seed quality, field performance, and service.


Why Great Harvest Organics?

  • Get peace of mind knowing that your product is certified organic – no short cuts or loop holes.
    As organic regulations become stricter, you can count on Great Harvest Organics to continue to provide certified organic seed. We do not take any short cuts, and our promise to you is a true organic product.
  • Count on the best-of-the-best service with a family-owned company.
    No matter how big we get, we will always stay true to our family-owned roots. You can count on us to provide you with the best service.
  • Get access to benefits such as product discounts, Commitment Rewards, Reward Trip Opportunities.
    As a Great Harvest Organics customer, you will have access to early order, volume, and cash discounts. In addition, you may qualify for customer Reward Trips each winter.
    Our goal is to provide our customers with everything they need to succeed. That is why we created our Commitment Rewards program. When you purchase Great Harvest Organics seed, you will be eligible to be a part of the program to receive useful tools for your operation. 
  • Feel confident with our 100% Free Replant on all Great Harvest Organics corn.
    When you plant Great Harvest Organics corn, you are eligible for Beck’s 100% Free Replant. If you need a replant for any reason, we will supply your seed for free.
  • Access to The Great Harvest Organics (GHO) seed treatment mixes are a combination of beneficial ingredients, some of which are OMRI Listed®, OMRI-listed that provide unique benefits for corn and soybeans. It’s a great way to get the best possible start for your organic crop and comes standard on all GHO corn and soybean seed.
  • Receive local agronomic and sales support from Beck’s dedicated sales team.
    We have agronomists and sales representatives throughout the Midwest, in addition to dedicated people that cover the rest of the U.S. We are here to support you and to do our part in helping you operation succeed.
If you are interested in growing Great Harvest Organics seed, please contact Dave Ross at 317.691.4201 for more information.

Organic Resources…
Organic farming can provide many opportunities beyond adding profitiability to you farm.

  • Organic grains are in demand for millers and livestock producers because of the continued growth in consumer demand.
  • Organic farming practices are designed to improve organic matter and soil health, which will increase land values and allow you to pass on the land in a better state than when you started.
  • These practices also better water quality on your farm and the surrounding area.

If you are considering transitioning acres to organic, visit for more information.