Roundup Ready®
Corn 2

115 Days


  • Flexible placement and population across soil types
  • High test weight grain provides premium opportunities
  • Avoid areas prone to green snap


This is the ultimate product for versatility with an unmatched ability to work in any environment. Excellent yields, stress tolerance, ear flex potential, and high test weight grain round out this high performer.

Hybrid Positioning and Adaptability

Irrigated X
High X
Medium X
Low X
Poorly Drained X
Soil Productivity:
Not Rec.

General Characteristics

Exp # 2707
GDUs to Black Layer 2820
GDUs to Mid Silk/Silk RM 1360 / 110
Test Weight 9
No-Till Adapted 8
Emergence 6
Drought Tolerance 8

Plant Traits

Fungicide Response Low
Nitrogen Response Medium
Plant Height Med. Tall
Leaf Color Lt. Green
Stalk Strength 8
Root Strength 8
Corn after Corn 8
Gray Leaf Spot 8
Northern Corn Leaf Blight 9
Goss's Wilt 7
Stay Green 7

Ear Traits

Ear Type Flex-Length
Kernel Rows 16-20
Cob Color Red
Ear Height Medium
Kernel Depth Medium
Kernel Size Medium
Dry Down 8
Husk Cover Partial-Tight

Rating: 9 = Best

Roundup Ready® is a registered trademark of Monsanto Technology LLC.