104 Days


  • Flexible placement and population across soil types
  • Responds to an increased rate of nitrogen
  • Excellent late-season stalks allow for delayed harvest


This hybrid is designed to consistently deliver across all soils. It has produced strong performances on the toughest acres while bringing tremendous top-end yield potential.

Hybrid Positioning and Adaptability

Irrigated X
High X
Medium X
Low X
Poorly Drained X
Soil Productivity:
Not Rec.

General Characteristics

Exp # 1583
GDUs to Black Layer 2480
GDUs to Mid Silk/Silk RM 1320 / 105
Test Weight 7
No-Till Adapted 6
Emergence 6
Drought Tolerance 8

Plant Traits

Fungicide Response Medium
Nitrogen Response High
Plant Height Med. Tall
Leaf Color Lt. Green
Stalk Strength 8
Root Strength 8
Corn after Corn 8
Gray Leaf Spot 7
Northern Corn Leaf Blight 8
Goss's Wilt 8
Stay Green 9

Ear Traits

Ear Type Med. Flex
Kernel Rows 14-18
Cob Color Red
Ear Height Medium
Kernel Depth Med. Deep
Kernel Size Large
Dry Down 7
Husk Cover Complete

Rating: 9 = Best

Optimum® and AcreMax® insect protection system available through the XL® brand. Optimum® and AcreMax® are trademarks of Pioneer Hi-Bred. *XL® is a registered trademark of Pioneer Hi-Bred. XL® brand seed is distributed by Beck's Superior Hybrids.