Roundup Ready®
Corn 2

90 Days


  • Flexible placement and population across soil types
  • Excels with pre-plant or early nitrogen applications
  • Low to moderate response to a fungicide application


This product is a leader for stress and has consistent yield potential, even on better acres. This hybrid marries together an agronomic package that delivers in all the right ways for tougher northern soils.

Hybrid Positioning and Adaptability

Irrigated X
High X
Medium X
Low X
Poorly Drained X
Soil Productivity:
Not Rec.

General Characteristics

Exp # 2977
GDUs to Black Layer 2280
GDUs to Mid Silk/Silk RM 1160 / 90
Test Weight 8
No-Till Adapted 8
Emergence 8
Drought Tolerance 8

Plant Traits

Fungicide Response Low
Nitrogen Response Low
Plant Height Medium
Leaf Color Med. Green
Stalk Strength 7
Root Strength 8
Corn after Corn 7
Gray Leaf Spot 7
Northern Corn Leaf Blight 8
Goss's Wilt 5
Stay Green 7

Ear Traits

Ear Type Med. Flex
Kernel Rows 16-20
Cob Color Red
Ear Height Medium
Kernel Depth Med. Deep
Kernel Size Medium
Dry Down 8
Husk Cover Partial-Loose

Rating: 9 = Best