Alfalfa Forages



Alfalfa and forages are an essential part of nutritional plans for livestock operations. As always, Beck's Hybrids sources the best forages for quality and yield.


Elite Alfalfas treated with Escalate® yield enhancement system

Brand Fall Dormancy Winter-hardiness Disease Resistance Regrowth Special Characteristics
Armour RR 4.2 2.2 30 Fast Genuity® Roundup Ready®
CavalryDQ 4.0 2.0 30 Fast Excellent Yield and Forage Quality
EnforceHT 5.0 1.9 30 Very Fast Outstanding Yield Potential
FierceXT 4.0 2.0 30 Very Fast Excellent Disease Resistance Package
LeafGuard XL 4.0 2.0 30 Medium Leaf Hopper Protection
Viper HVXRR 4.0 1.5 30 Fast Low Lignin