2020 Strategies for Success

A sound strategy starts with having the right goals...Goals like achieving superior weed control and increased ROIs in 2020.

Join us at one of our PFR Insight Meetings in January 2020, and you’ll discover strategies that will bring the power of PFR data and unmatched weed control to your farm.

PFR Proven™ Strategies: This year, we’ve identified 10 strategies that we believe every farmer should consider in 2020. These PFR Proven strategies consistently pay, year after year, and will help you increase your return on investment just by making small changes in your operation. We will also highlight some standout products and practices from our 2019 PFR Proven class, as well as some exciting new studies like high speed planting, high speed closing wheels, delayed planting, and sulfur on corn and soybeans.

Corn Topics:

  • Early Planting
  • Closing Wheels
  • Starter 2x2x2 (both sides of row)
  • Sidedress Nitrogen
  • Fungicide Applications

Soybean Topics:

  • Row Width
  • Seed Treatments
  • Seeding Rate
  • Planting Date
  • Fungicides at R3

Herbicide Strategies: Weed management is one of the most complex decisions you will continue to face. With the choices in technologies, it can be difficult selecting the right trait for your operation. We can help you develop a plan to reduce your weed pressure, giving your crops the opportunity to thrive.

  • Managing Weed Resistance Risks
  • The Power in the Pre™ (Pre-Emergence Applications)
  • Overlapping Residuals
  • Rotating Trait Platforms

Beginning in January, Beck’s will host 113 meetings across our 11-state marketing area. We invite you to join us for an insightful hour of Practical Farm Research and agronomic information on the products and practices that can help you succeed. These are the studies you can take home and apply on your farm to help increase your profitability.


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