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Atlanta, Indiana - Beck’s is pleased to announce the winner of their 2020 Freedom International Sweepstakes is Jim and Ann Stammen of Fort Recovery, Ohio. They received the keys to a 2019 Polaris General and Load Trail Trailer on October 26, 2020.


Atlanta, Indiana – During the 2019 World Forage Analysis Superbowl at the World Dairy Expo in Madison, Wisc., Beck’s CavalryDQ Alfalfa earned second-place honors in the dairy hay category and fifth place in the commercial hay category.


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Beck's Hybrids is Exclusive Distributor of Flo-Rite Seed Firmers

March 7, 2014

Beck’s Hybrids announced today that they are the exclusive distributor of Flo-Rite™ seed firmers. Flo-Rite seed firmers offer a new and improved revolutionary design by incorporating a durable, high-tech memory polymer; a replaceable wear plate; and protected fertilizer tube.

“For more than 75 years it has been our goal to bring farmers the best in seed quality, field performance and service, but we’re also dedicated to providing our customers with revolutionary products, said Scott Beck, vice president of Beck’s Hybrids. “We’re excited to bring farmers the Flo-Rite seed firmer technology, a reliable tool that will not only save them money, but increase their yield potential.”

Developed by Jeff Peters, a farmer and inventor from Hicksville, Ohio, Flo-Rite seed firmers improve planting depth consistency, which leads to better seed germination, more consistent emergence, better stands, and increased yields. Flo-Rite seed firmers can be differentiated from other leading seed firmer brands by four key points.

1. Five percent more yield: Studies show that even stands can increase yield by more than five percent.

2. Lower replacement cost: The initial cost of Flo-Rite seed firmers are similar to other leading seed firmer brands, but the maintenance costs are dramatically less. With Flo-Rite seed firmers, farmers can replace the wear plate versus the entire row unit.

3. Optimum seed placement: Using the latest in memory polymers, Flo-Rite seed firmers provide consistent down pressure that assures the best seed placement and proper seeding depth.

4. Protected liquid tube: Flo-Rite seed firmers incorporate a patent pending enclosed stainless steel liquid tube, which protects the tube from crop debris and soil that can rip it from the firmer body.

“I had no problems at all and was extremely impressed with the Flo-Rite seed firmers, said Gary Vollmer, farmer from northwest Ohio who tested Flo-Rite seed firmers on 800 acres in 2013. “When the planter is down, you have more pressure and over time, the Flo-Rite firmer is going to hold its position better. The Keeton’s tend to weaken relatively quickly. I will definitely recommend the Flo-Rite seed firmers to other farmers.”

For more information or to place an order for Flo-Rite seed firmers, contact a Beck’s Hybrids seed advisor, call 800.937.2325, or order online at