Across The Acres Podcast presented by Beck's

Introducing the official podcast for Beck’s Hybrids – Across The Acres! Every month, hosts Carlye Frye and David Ringger introduce a member of the Beck family of employees, dealers, and farmers to hear their story about their career, their family, and their faith. Available on all listening platforms, we can’t wait to see you #AcrossTheAcres!

Episode 14: David Ringger and guest host, Mike Mehringer, are joined for Episode 14 by Trey Uetrecht, Beck's Summer 2022 PFR Intern in London, OH. During their conversation, Trey opens up about the many challenges he faced after being in a car accident while on his way back to Ball State University during his freshman year. With his sight set on his D1 football career, Trey had to learn how to lean into his Faith when his world was suddenly flipped upside down.

Episode 13: Carlye and David are joined for Episode 13 by Jill Burgess, wife of Beck's Training Innovation Manager, Sam Burgess. During their conversation, Jill opens up about her history with anxiety, sharing how she recognized it and how she has learned to cope with it in a way that is proactive. Although it can be scary, the first step is to talk about your thoughts and feelings with someone... don't be afraid to ask for help.

Episode 12: Carlye and David are joined for Episode 12 by two men that know Beck’s like the back of their hand. Both with 29+ years of experience here at our Atlanta facility, Tim Whisman, Corn Seedstock and Warehouse Space Manager, and Erich Hasler, Ag Systems and Agronomy Specialist, have seen this company grow in more ways than one. Listen as Erich and Tim breakdown what it was like working alongside Francis and Sonny, as well as getting a front row seat to watch this company grow into what it is today.

Episode 11: On Episode 11 of the Across The Acres Podcast, hosts Carlye Frye and David Ringger are joined by Beck's Benefits Specialist, Laura McKee, and Mike Martel from Team Rubicon. Listen to hear how Beck's annual 5K came to life and what you can expect from this year's event!

Episode 10: Episode 10 of the Across The Acres Podcast flips the script with guest host Mike Mehringer, Beck's Event Logistics Coordinator. Mike puts hosts Carlye Frye and David Ringger in the hot seat to hear the duo share their journey to Beck's, their inspirations, and how the Across The Acres Podcast came to be.

Episode 9: Episode 9 of the Across The Acres Podcast features Beck's dealer, Doug Kingseed. Tune in to hear Doug share how he uses "Messy Motivation" to connect, challenge, and inspire each day through his thriving dealership.

Episode 8: Episode 8 of Across the Acres - All You Need Is Love - to hear from Ashley and Adam Schultz. In this Valentine's Day special, the dynamic duo opens up about what brought them together, saying I Do to each other and their dream jobs at Beck's, and what their recipe for a lasting partnership looks like.

Episode 7:Episode 7 of the Across The Acres Podcast features Minnesota native and Beck’s Seed Advisor, Bjorn Peterson. Tune in to hear Bjorn share his thoughts on choosing a career in sales, his goals for personal growth, and his perspective on what the “Farmer of the Future” will look like.

Episode 6: Growing up on the farm and the baseball field, Seed Advisor Ryan Markley joins us this month on the Across The Acres Podcast. In Episode 6, Ryan shares how his past playing sports has led him to be competitive in the seed industry for the previous 27 years. Tune in as Ryan shares how he found himself on Beck’s team, how he covers the bases in seed sales, and how he encourages others to step up to the plate.

Episode 5: Tom and Lisa Uthell. Feeling the urge to get back to farming, Tom and Lisa established their dealership back in 2003. Tune in this month to hear from the duo about their journey to Beck's, philosophy behind customer relationships, and where they see the business going in the future.

Episode 4: Area Team Leader Reid Nodine joins us from the great state of Missouri. Reid shares his wisdom on young leadership, his glass-half-full mentality, why he learned to iron his clothes, and his journey to Beck’s.

Episode 3: Seed Advisor Mike Roe joins us this month on the #AcrossTheAcres Podcast. On this episode, Mike shares how his faith and family lead him to his recent anniversary of nine years of sobriety. Join us as we hear how the Minnesota native went through “Choosing Your Hard” and his inspiring story of finding the light at the end of the tunnel.

Episode 2:Wife. Mother. Nurse Practitioner. Pageant Queen. Life Saver. Join us for Episode 2 of Across The Acres to hear from Beck’s Nurse Practitioner Kristin Moon on her family, her pageant experience, and other life-changing experiences that have fueled her passion for advocating for CPR training.

Episode 1: Kicking off the first episode of Across The Acres, Licensing Lead Corey Beck joins us to tell his story of what life was like growing up as the fourth generation of the business. From talking sports to leaving a legacy, Corey shares his story about how growing up with the Beck family of employees ultimately shaped his decision to return to the business. Join us as we sit down with Corey to learn more about his career, family, and faith!