December, 2021


  • Everything Planters
  • Breeding with The Big Boys
  • Getting Better Before Getting Bigger
  • PFR Insight Meetings: Invest Money to Make Money
  • When The Stars Align
November, 2021


  • The Ever-Evolving Rootworm Scenario
  • What Really Drives Soybean Yield?
  • One Research Book to Rule Them All
  • Across the Acres: Youth Leadership
October, 2021


  • Soil Test Trends and How to Use Them
  • Cover Crop Application and Timing
  • Seed Corn Production: From Field to Bag
  • Across the Acres: Choosing Your Hard
September, 2021


  • Fall Fertility and Best Practices Amidst Rising Inputs
  • Pattern Ag: Field Experiences
  • Herbicides: Turning Learnings > Decisions
  • The Stories that Shape Us
August, 2021


  • A Production Update with Jason Morehouse
  • On the Lookout: Developing Diseases in Soybeans
  • Soil Health: The Structure Your Farm is Built On
  • Bringing Local Farmers Together
July, 2021


  • A Little XTRA for Forage and Silage
  • Soybean Podworm: A Very Non-Picky Eater
  • Fungicide Timing in Soybeans
  • Beck’s Field Shows: Know Before You Go
June, 2021


  • In-Season and Late-Season CRW Management
  • Late-Season PFR Proven™
  • Don't Let Your Organic Seed Go Naked
  • If You Teach a Man to Fish...
May, 2021


  • Finding your FARMserver Fit®
  • A PFR Sneak Peek: Corn Silage
  • Mid-Season PFR Proven™
  • Disability? More like Dis(ability)
April, 2021


  • Thin Stand Management
  • Fresh, New Soybean Products for 2021
  • Early-Season PFR Proven™
  • Research by the Numbers
March, 2021


  • Marestail Burndown
  • Alfalfa Planting Considerations and Assessing Stands
  • Fresh, New Corn Products for 2021
  • A Different Kind of Agriculture
February, 2021


  • Perfecting the Planter with PFR
  • 2020 PFR Proven
  • Cover Crop Termination Methods
  • 2021 Indiana Farm Family of the Year
January, 2021


  • Charcoal Rot of Soybeans
  • A Win For Weed Control
  • PFR Proven Products and Practices
  • Service Without Borders