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CropTalk: Thin Stand Management

April 2021

Author: Steve Gauck

Every year we prepare a plan for the growing season, and every year Mother Nature throws us a curveball! Many of Beck’s Practical Farm Research (PFR)® studies focus on helping you develop your plan for the year utilizing different studies and practices. The PFR Proven™ designation has helped us narrow down the activities that increase profit and set direction.

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CropTalk: Soybeans — PFR Proven Success Strategies

January 2020

Author: Steve Gauck

In today’s farm economy, we are always looking for ways to be efficient and profitable, while trying to keep costs in check. This is when the value of our Practical Farm Research (PFR)® data becomes part of your decision making. Since 1964, the Beck family has worked to bring new ideas to your farm to increase productivity and profit. Beck's PFR has developed the PFR Proven™ endorsement to help you decide which products and practices you should try in your operation. This year, we have identified PFR Proven strategies for success based on the key things we have learned in PFR that will lead you to higher soybean yields.

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CropTalk: Managing Spring Wheat

January 2019

Author: Steve Gauck

This is the time of year to start making your spring plans for wheat. Spring gets very hectic and wheat can be easily forgotten if you don't have a plan. The first place to start is by taking a stand count.

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