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CropTalk: A PFR Sneak Peek: Corn Silage

May 2021

Author: Ben Puestow

In many areas of the Midwest, silage is not an afterthought, it is the focus of the entire farm operation. With that in mind, Beck’s Practical Farm Research (PFR)® team will begin conducting corn silage-specific PFR studies in 2021. We know that there is a craving for agronomic research that focuses on producing hightonnage corn silage, and we are going to help find those answers.

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CropTalk: Cycling Nutrients with the Help of Microbes

November 2020

Author: Ben Puestow

The soil's ability to cycle essential crop nutrients is undervalued in agriculture today. Considering that a large percentage of our crop budgets revolve around fertility, we need fi rst to understand how to utilize the nutrients already contained in the soil, and the previous year's crop residues. Microbes can help with this. One of the critical components to achieving a proper cycling soil is its microbial population. Fortunately, many factors contributing to a healthy soil's microbial population are controllable.

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CropTalk: Beck's Fills The Bunks

March 2020

Author: Ben Puestow

Farmers understand that planting top-quality grain corn hybrids and soybean varieties is key to the overall success of an operation. The same can be said for forage crops. At Beck’s, we understand that if you’re growing corn silage and alfalfa, you are analyzing genetics and management practices just like you would for grain corn and soybeans. That is why we spend a lot of time evaluating both our silage hybrids and alfalfa varieties for their strongest attributes and how they can make your operation more profitable.

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CropTalk: Managing White Mold

May 2019

Author: Ben Puestow

While Sudden Death Syndrome and Brown Stem Rot steal the spotlight in most soybean disease discussions, there is another disease that plagues soybean production in the northern geographies, White Mold. White Mold can take a high yielding field from 80 to 20 Bu./A., so farmers are constantly looking for solutions to combat this devastating disease. Thankfully, we are gaining more and more insight as to how we can use multiple management techniques to avoid significant yield loss from White Mold.

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