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Myth Busters - A Game of Speed

Have you ever heard the saying a “needle in a haystack”? A great corn hybrid starts by making a great inbred. So to create the best inbreds, researchers at Beck’s dive into the genetic “haystack” of every plant to identify the best “needles” or characteristics.

Hi, I am Jenni Taller, lab manager at Beck’s. I would like to welcome you back to our Beck’s Research: Myth Busters blog series. Last week, Dr. Keith Rufener talked about Beck’s propriety inbred development program. As a regional company, it is assumed that we aren't able to produce products as quickly as other big companies with breeding programs. But the truth is we’re right up there with the rest of them. Today, our senior research scientist, Asha Palta and I will be discussing the tools we use to assist Keith and our other corn breeders in the journey of creating new products.

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