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5 Cyber Monday Cybersecurity Tips

Cyber Monday is a great chance to save money, but you might also be making yourself vulnerable to scammers and hackers. Jason Harris, Cyber Security Analyst at Beck's, offers these five easy tips for a safer Cyber Monday.

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Pumpkins in Paradise

When most Midwesterners think about Hawaiian agriculture, pineapples and coconut trees leaning out over calm, blue water are about all that comes to mind. Many would be surprised to know that there are corn breeding facilities in Hawaii. During the six months of the year that corn doesn’t grow in the Midwest, the Beck’s breeding team doesn’t just sit idle. Every day, progress is made to advance new genetics and to improve seed for our farmers. For years, Beck’s used winter nurseries in Chile and Mexico to grow corn in the North American off-season until 2016, when there was an opportunity to invest in U.S. soil where corn can grow year round. Beck’s just celebrated one full year and three corn crops at our new Beck’s Hawaii Facility in the town of Kekaha on the island of Kauai. Last winter, when most folks in Indiana were shoveling their driveways, Beck’s employees made over a million hand pollinations in the corn breeding nurseries. Each pollination is a new chance to create an inbred line that could be a part of the next hot hybrid.

This year, as a way to give back to the community of Kekaha on the island of Kauai, the 11 full-time employees at the Kekaha facility planted about an acre of the farm in pumpkins to be given away.

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Ag Education

Why Interns?

It’s common knowledge that when one interviews for a full-time position, an internship with a reputable company is seen as an asset. An internship experience is valuable because it means that someone else has taken the time to show them the ropes. Someone else in the business community has coached this person to show up on time, take direction, work as a member of a team, follow through, and stay on task. With a foundation like that, we can dive right into how Beck’s does business and their role on their first day as a full time employee.

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Ag Education

Why You Should Care About Seeds

The buttercups on my front walk are already blooming, the geese on the lake are pairing up, and every farmer I talk to is already getting antsy about planting. While the buttercups might have gotten a little ahead of themselves in light of this week’s cold snap, spring is inching ever closer. It’s a time of new life and renewal, manifested in the return of green to our fields. This all gets me thinking about seeds. 

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Ag Education

Why FFA? 2017 National FFA Week

Right now across the U.S., there are 650,000 FFA members celebrating National FFA Week. Each FFA member is a future professional in our agricultural industry, and here at Beck’s, we are proud to support them.

If you weren’t involved in FFA in school, you may not be familiar with all that they do other than drive their tractors to school and sport those blue corduroy jackets. Here’s the Cliffs Notes version to help bring you up to speed.

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Ag Education

Why Soybeans?

A few months ago, we took a time out of summer crop scouting to think about why the heck we grow corn. Now is the time to look at that other crop: soybeans. Soybeans are the small, but mighty little brother.  

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Ag Education

Tall Corn

It’s back to school time in central Indiana, and one of my favorite parts of going back to school was summer break show and tell. One of our favorite things to show and tell here at Beck's is our tall corn. The tallest corn in the state, as a matter of fact. Beck's has entered the Indiana State Fair Tall Corn Contest in each of the past three years, and has won each year. This year’s plant is an impressive 25 feet, 4.25 inches tall from the ground to the tip of the tassel. This corn isn’t the high-yielding hybrid corn adapted to the Midwest that we spend most of our time with – this is a special exotic line from South America. 

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Ag Education

Why Corn?

This is the time of year that one can watch the corn grow week by week, as the plants busily convert sunshine and fresh air into feed and food. The roots are mining the soil to support leaves reaching high into the air in an effort to shade out competition. The plants are doing their best to take over the world, the only way they know how. Even those not involved with agriculture at all associate rural America with mile after mile of corn fields. Everyone is so busy tending crop and thinking ahead to the next task that they seldom stop to ask themselves: Why corn?

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