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CropTalk: In-Season Decision Making: Early

May 2022

Author: Nate Firle

The 2022 growing season kicks off our third year exploring a category of studies within Practical Farm Research (PFR)® designed to provide data to help you make more profitable in-season decisions. Compacting rain, cold snaps, frost, or hail are some of the uncontrollable in-season events that affect stands, plant health, and crop development, ultimately causing us to revisit our original plans in order to maintain profitability.

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CropTalk: A Fresh Look At Planting Depth

February 2022

Author: Nate Firle

Planting depth is a big decision made each year that has no input cost, but will have a significant impact on final yields. Planting depth decisions need to be fluid. Practical Farm Research (PFR)® multi-year, multi-location data gives us confident starting points; 2.0 inches in corn and 1.5 in. in soybeans. What factors lead to the proper seeding depth?

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CropTalk: Finding your FARMserver® Fit

May 2021

Author: Nate Firle

At Beck’s, I’m surrounded by people who strive each day to serve you as your trusted advisor, no matter your operation practices.

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CropTalk: Corn Rootworm: 2020 Reflections for 2021 Solutions

October 2020

Author: Nate Firle

Corn rootworm tends to be a measurable issue every year, but 2020 corn rootworm incident reports have been higher than normal. Although farmers across Beck’s marketing area experienced higher rootworm populations, northern Iowa has the most documented reports. Iowa Field Agronomists NATE MAYER AND JON CASPERS have been in the trenches, evaluating corn rootworm damage, trait integrity, and measuring beetle populations to provide proactive recommendations for 2021 success.

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