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PFR Report

The Efficacy of Herbicide Modes of Action in Roundup Ready® and LibertyLink® Systems

Author: Joe Bolte

In agriculture, we are always looking for the next new tool or management practice that will allow us to become even more successful. When it comes to weed control, new opportunities are very limited even though new trait technologies are either on the market or pending approval. In the past few years, there has been a limited release of new herbicide active ingredients. It’s been almost two decades since a new mode of action has been released. With fewer herbicide modes of action and active ingredients available, weed control has become even more challenging than in past years. 

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PFR Report

Glyphosate Tolerant vs. LibertyLink® Systems.

Author: Joe Bolte

One question that farmers are faced with each year is how they should manage their soybean herbicide program.  With multiple herbicide systems on the market and the possibility of new traits becoming available, the decision becomes more difficult. 

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