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PFR Report: Observations - Make them before it’s too late!

Every growing season is different, and quantifying those differences in determining their effect on our crop will enable us to adapt and overcome the constant challenges that we face as farmers. Beck’s PFR team has put an emphasis on scouting and gathering observations. This allows us to learn from the challenges we face throughout the growing season and how they correlate into the results we gather at harvest.

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CropTalk: A Harvest Plan WILL Make the Difference

September 2019

Author: Eric Wilson

This season has been one for the record books for nearly every state in the Corn Belt. Extreme rainfall and delayed planting forced many farmers to plant well into June and in some cases, July. As every seasoned farmer knows, conditions like what we saw in 2019 will have consequences. A carefully laid fall harvest plan will help to limit further losses come harvest time. If we look back one year to 2018, many of these same environmental conditions occurred across Southern Minnesota and Northern Iowa. There are lessons to learn and adapt to help us be more successful in 2019 across the Midwest.

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Field Stories

Curveballs of the 2014 Crop

This past week’s travels have taken me about 2,000 miles from central IN, to northern IL, southern OH, northern OH, and northeastern IN. It’s been a big week! As strange as our weather has been lately, and as variable as crops look, I thought it would be beneficial to share not only pictures, but some agronomic information from this week’s journey.

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