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CropTalk: Nitrogen Utilization + New Technology

December 2020

Author: Jon Skinner

German chemist Justus von Liebig is often credited with ushering in the modern era of soil chemistry and plant nutrition. In the mid-1800s, von Liebigs’ research and discovery led to the development of the first nitrogenbased commercial fertilizer. Since then, soil scientists and agriculturalists around the world have endeavored to understand and manage the use of these fertilizers in corn production. Managing nitrogen (N) for corn production is a difficult task due to the complexities of the nutrient and the hundreds, if not thousands, of factors that influence N in the soil and plants.

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Beck's Research

Myth Busters - The Only Leftovers We Like Are From Dinner

Author: Doug Clouser

I hope you have learned through our Research Series videos and Myth Busters blogs that Beck’s prides itself in offering diversity and choices in our product lineup. This diversity comes from selecting regional products that fit specifically what our customers need in their farming operation, as well as selecting genetics and traits from industry suppliers in addition to our own corn breeding program. 

Hi, I’m Doug Clouser. I’d like to welcome you back to our Beck’s Research: Myth Busters blog series. Because we offer genetics and traits from some of our competitors, we sometimes hear rumors Beck’s only gets the “floor sweepings” and leftover products that they didn’t want anyway. But this simply is not true. Let me explain why.

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Beck's Research

Myth Busters - What Really Goes on Inside Those Greenhouses?

When you look at a bag of Beck’s traited seed corn, there are really two packages – a genetic package and a trait package. The genetic package is the engine to the race car, the key to the performance of a corn plant. The trait package protects the corn plant from pests or gives farmers the ability to spray a certain herbicide.

Hi, I am Kevin Colbert, greenhouse manager at Beck’s. Welcome back to our Beck’s Research: Myth Busters blog series. Last week, Jenni Taller and Asha Palta discussed two of the tools they use to speed up the process of creating new products: Embryo Rescue and the Molecular Marker Lab. Both tools play a big part in developing the genetic and trait packages of a product. We are able to quickly integrate trait packages into corn inbreds through the use of greenhouses. Today, I would like to bust a myth related to the greenhouses at our office and what they are really used for.

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Beck's Research

Myth Busters - A Game of Speed

Have you ever heard the saying a “needle in a haystack”? A great corn hybrid starts by making a great inbred. So to create the best inbreds, researchers at Beck’s dive into the genetic “haystack” of every plant to identify the best “needles” or characteristics.

Hi, I am Jenni Taller, lab manager at Beck’s. I would like to welcome you back to our Beck’s Research: Myth Busters blog series. Last week, Dr. Keith Rufener talked about Beck’s propriety inbred development program. As a regional company, it is assumed that we aren't able to produce products as quickly as other big companies with breeding programs. But the truth is we’re right up there with the rest of them. Today, our senior research scientist, Asha Palta and I will be discussing the tools we use to assist Keith and our other corn breeders in the journey of creating new products.

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Beck's Research

Myth Busters - Corn Breeding & Inbred Development

When a farmer buys a corn hybrid from Beck’s and can look down the row to see that the ear heights and plant heights are just perfectly uniform – that’s the result of two genetically pure inbred plants.

Hi, I am Dr. Keith Rufener, a corn breeder at Beck’s. I’d like to welcome you back to our Beck’s Research: Myth Busters blog series. Last week, our director of research, Dr. Kevin Cavanaugh busted the myth that Beck’s has the same hybrids as other seed companies. In his blog, Kevin mentioned that Beck’s is able to source genetics from more genetic suppliers than any other company in the U.S. This unique advantage allows us to offer our customers the most diverse group of hybrids in the industry. But recently we have found that, as a result of these unique relationships, a myth has developed that we don’t develop our own proprietary inbreds.

Today, I would like to bust this myth by diving deeper into our proprietary corn breeding program at Beck’s.

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Beck's Research

Myth Busters - The Truth Behind Genetics and Traits

Many times when talking with farmers I hear a common message, “corn is corn”. Is that really true?

Hi, I am Dr. Kevin Cavanaugh, the director of research here at Beck’s. I’d like to welcome you back to our Beck’s Research: Myth Busters blog series. Last week, our research manager, Curtis busted the myth that Beck’s isn’t a research and development company. 

Today, I would like to continue the myth busting and focus on a question I often get from farmers. Don’t all corn seed companies sell the same hybrids anyway? Let’s debunk this myth.

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Beck's Research

Myth Busters Blog Series

What first comes to mind when you think of research? Most likely it’s people in white lab coats, Bunsen burners and test tubes. Special experiments are conducted and top secret results are generated, but we never really know or understand what research actually does.

 To address many of the questions and myths about what our researchers at Beck’s actually do, we recently published Beck’s Research Series, a set of videos designed to take you on a journey through our research and development program. But even with these videos, some myths still remain. What are some of these myths? This new blog series will address some of the common misunderstandings regarding our research department. And who better to bust these myths than the researchers themselves.

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Why I Farm: Behind the Movement

Wordless Wednesday: Gift from God

With Spring on my mind and the sun shining outside, I thought a Wordless Wednesday was in order. T-29 days until the first day of Spring.

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