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Family and Farming

From Glendia's Kitchen - Cooked Salad Dressing

This past weekend, we celebrated our country’s freedom and the honorable people that help protect it. It was great to see so many community festivals and posts online honoring our freedoms and being thankful for what we have as a country. To me, celebrations (no matter what the occasion) should always contain three important things: the reason you’re celebrating, those you love around you, and great food.

Continue reading to hear more about my 4th of July weekend and the good food from this week's blog, Glendia's Cooked Salad Dressing!

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Family and Farming

Making Things By Hand - Homemade Applesauce

The other day I was making my usual grocery list, writing down the items without even thinking. Milk, coffee, creamer, cereal, bananas, veggies, meat, bread, cheese, granola bars, applesauce, and various other things.

The radio was playing in the background, and all of a sudden I hear this come across the airwaves…

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Looking Past The Numbers

What We Measure Tends To Improve

Author: Doug Clouser

“What we measure tends to improve.” Francis Beck regarded that quote as one of his favorites.

I am not sure who originally said this, or if this is even the original way in which it was stated. But what I have learned over my career here at Beck’s, and especially the last year or two, is that this is definitely a sentiment that I believe in.

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Field Stories

Positivity and Perseverance

For me, spring hasn’t yet fully arrived, regardless of temperature, until Opening Day of the Cincinnati Reds. Monday, March 31 was an Opening Day that I will not forget. The Reds lost. Darn it! But, the Findlay Market Opening Day Parade, barbecue Ribs at the Montgomery Inn, which is right on the Ohio River, the smell of La Rosa’s pizza by the slice, fresh green grass, and America’s favorite pastime, make Opening Day one that remains special regardless of win or loss.

Spring is here! Although, I haven’t decided yet if the Reds have realized that, they aren’t starting off very good! At the writing of this blog, the Reds are 2-6 and already 3.5 games out of first place. That’s a horrible start! But, does that mean that is how they’ll finish?

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Looking Past the Numbers

Look Who's Turning 40

Author: Doug Clouser

I know nobody is going to believe it, but I just recently turned 40. You are probably thinking, surely he is way older than 40, isn’t he? But my wife decorated my office with the normal black balloons and other paraphernalia that is supposed to make you feel old, so I am sure it was my 40th. Although it didn’t work as I feel much younger physically than I did 10 years ago when I turned 30. I mentioned in an earlier blog how I had lost some weight recently, and I am much more active than I was a year or two ago, so physically I feel much younger on my 40th birthday than I have on my last several birthdays.

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Looking Past The Numbers

Inspiration By Procrastination

Author: Doug Clouser

I’ll be honest, I was putting off writing my blog today because I wasn’t sure exactly what subject to focus on. So instead of grabbing my laptop and trying to type something up, I watched a movie instead. The movie was about a woman that was battling to become sober. She found that many things and people seemed to be stacked against her efforts to become sober. Despite those many obstacles, the movie ended up with her celebrating her one year anniversary of sobriety.

As I watched the movie, I felt a definite inspiration for my blog coming over me. You see, over the last year I have been fortunate to lose over 100 pounds! I am very proud of my accomplishment, but my true inspiration for today’s blog is the unbelievable amount of support I have received over this journey of losing weight.

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Why I Farm: Behind the Movement

A Company With A Heartbeat

Faith. Christianity. God. Normally you wouldn’t see these words on a company blog, but I can type them proudly. And it’s not just because I am a Christian. It’s because I work for a family-owned company, Beck’s Hybrids. Maybe you don’t remember from my first blog, but I absolutely love my job. Not only do I love what I do, I love who I work for, what the Beck family stands for, and how they’re not afraid to share their beliefs.

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