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CropTalk: Research by the Numbers

April 2021

Author: Maggie Holt

6. That’s the number of years I had worked here at Beck’s before taking a true, in-depth tour of the biotech building here in Atlanta, IN. But earlier this year, a few members of our research team opened their doors and allowed me to follow them around for two hours as they explained the amazing work their teams do, day in and day out. We are lucky to have 101 beyond talented full-time employees (with 47 job titles among them) across 7 locations who dedicate their time and energy to bringing farmers highperforming, regional products quickly and efficiently.

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CropTalk: Qrome Questions with Dr. Cavanaugh

October 2019

As you set forth your 2020 vision, there are new technologies at play in the seed industry. Trait names, trade names, and marketing campaigns can all obscure the message — making it difficult to discern the right traits for your farm. In an effort to help you understand one new technology in the corn market, Beck’s Director of Research, Dr. Kevin Cavanaugh, answered a few common questions.

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PFR Report

Corn Planting Depth by Date

Author: Jim Schwartz

Planting depth for row crops is a main topic of discussion in the agricultural community. Beck’s PFR team has heard your questions and in response, has put planting depth to yet another test. You may have seen our planting depth data over the last few years, but this year we added a second planting date into the mix. For this study, we planted corn in April and in May. In April, we tend to see cooler, wetter soils whereas in May we sometimes experience drier periods with less rainfall and warmer soil temperatures. Soil temperature and moisture have a great effect on how plants emerge. In this study, we looked to evaluate how much soil conditions can affect plant emergence, and how much yield potential we lose with late-emerging plants.

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Intern Avenue

The Life of a Beck’s Research Intern

Author: Celina Young

This summer, ten college students from the across the Beck’s marketing area have joined the team as research interns. Divided between four Beck’s locations from Indiana to Iowa, they are gaining experience while learning in a hands-on environment. From planting test plots to collecting real data in the field, each intern has a unique experience to share. Today, we’ll catch up with four of these individuals as they progress through their internships.

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Intern Avenue

Playing Production Intern for a Day

Author: Celina Young

Being a Beck’s Production Intern is far more than just scouting fields. I found this out for myself when I had a chance to tag along with Kaitlin and Brandt, two of this year’s interns, earlier this week. In just a few short hours, I got an up-close look at Beck’s Production Agronomy Department.


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