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Myth Busters - What Really Goes on Inside Those Greenhouses?

When you look at a bag of Beck’s traited seed corn, there are really two packages – a genetic package and a trait package. The genetic package is the engine to the race car, the key to the performance of a corn plant. The trait package protects the corn plant from pests or gives farmers the ability to spray a certain herbicide.

Hi, I am Kevin Colbert, greenhouse manager at Beck’s. Welcome back to our Beck’s Research: Myth Busters blog series. Last week, Jenni Taller and Asha Palta discussed two of the tools they use to speed up the process of creating new products: Embryo Rescue and the Molecular Marker Lab. Both tools play a big part in developing the genetic and trait packages of a product. We are able to quickly integrate trait packages into corn inbreds through the use of greenhouses. Today, I would like to bust a myth related to the greenhouses at our office and what they are really used for.

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