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Myth Busters - Corn Breeding & Inbred Development

When a farmer buys a corn hybrid from Beck’s and can look down the row to see that the ear heights and plant heights are just perfectly uniform – that’s the result of two genetically pure inbred plants.

Hi, I am Dr. Keith Rufener, a corn breeder at Beck’s. I’d like to welcome you back to our Beck’s Research: Myth Busters blog series. Last week, our director of research, Dr. Kevin Cavanaugh busted the myth that Beck’s has the same hybrids as other seed companies. In his blog, Kevin mentioned that Beck’s is able to source genetics from more genetic suppliers than any other company in the U.S. This unique advantage allows us to offer our customers the most diverse group of hybrids in the industry. But recently we have found that, as a result of these unique relationships, a myth has developed that we don’t develop our own proprietary inbreds.

Today, I would like to bust this myth by diving deeper into our proprietary corn breeding program at Beck’s.

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