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CropTalk: In- and Late-Season CRW Management

June 2021

Author: Mike Blaine

Many articles and publications have brought forth that corn rootworm (CRW), primarily Northern and Western, is the number one annual pest in corn production. Most estimates put income losses and control costs at close to $1 billion per year.

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CropTalk: Corn Rootworm: 2020 Reflections for 2021 Solutions

October 2020

Author: Nate Firle

Corn rootworm tends to be a measurable issue every year, but 2020 corn rootworm incident reports have been higher than normal. Although farmers across Beck’s marketing area experienced higher rootworm populations, northern Iowa has the most documented reports. Iowa Field Agronomists NATE MAYER AND JON CASPERS have been in the trenches, evaluating corn rootworm damage, trait integrity, and measuring beetle populations to provide proactive recommendations for 2021 success.

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