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Looking Past The Numbers

What We Measure Tends To Improve

Author: Doug Clouser

“What we measure tends to improve.” Francis Beck regarded that quote as one of his favorites.

I am not sure who originally said this, or if this is even the original way in which it was stated. But what I have learned over my career here at Beck’s, and especially the last year or two, is that this is definitely a sentiment that I believe in.

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Why I Farm: Behind the Movement

An Infamous Number

There is an infamous number every crop farmer strives to reach. It’s a number that signifies innovation, dedication, hard work, and passion. And it’s a number that, if reached, proves it can be done. Just a few days before Christmas, I sat down with a farmer from east central Indiana. But this time I wasn’t there to capture his Why I Farm story, I was there to capture his 300 bushel story.

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