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CropTalk: Deep Placement of Fertilizer

December 2020

Author: Pat Holloway

For many of the most frequently applied nutrients, broadcast applications on the soil surface are often the most common method of application. However, in some areas, deep banding of fertilizer is gaining popularity. The placement of deep banded fertilizer is 5 to 8 in. below the soil surface in a highly concentrated band. Often, producers will utilize GPS guidance to plant directly over these highly concentrated bands of nutrients.

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PFR Report

Counting Macros

Author: Jim Schwartz

No, this isn’t an article about healthy food choices to lower your cholesterol, control high blood pressure, or to set a calorie goal.

However, feeding a crop and managing its diet is just as important as feeding our own families and making sure they are healthy. Just because my corn looks fine, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it has everything it needs to grow strong and healthy. So, how does soil fertility play into the health and well-being of the crops we grow?

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Starting Strong with Starter Fertilizers

Author: Alex Knight

Review your fertility options for getting your corn crop going.

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