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Intern Avenue

Investing in Others: Beck's Professional Development Workshop

“Keeping and maintaining relationships is one of the most important things you can do in your career.”

Those are the words of Beck’s CEO, Sonny Beck. After last week, I would say that everyone in the 2017 intern class had the opportunity to connect and create relationships at the Intern Professional Development Workshop.

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Ag Education

Why Interns?

It’s common knowledge that when one interviews for a full-time position, an internship with a reputable company is seen as an asset. An internship experience is valuable because it means that someone else has taken the time to show them the ropes. Someone else in the business community has coached this person to show up on time, take direction, work as a member of a team, follow through, and stay on task. With a foundation like that, we can dive right into how Beck’s does business and their role on their first day as a full time employee.

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Intern Avenue

Life Lessons and Personal Development

Author: Celina Young

“Having a project and opportunities for personal development are what makes an internship different from summer work.” Those are the words of Beck’s intern coordinator, Samantha Miller.

After last week, I would say that mission is accomplished! For two days, Beck’s 30 summer interns came together in Atlanta, Indiana for a chance to network and improve ourselves through various sessions. 

The event was packed full with a wide variety of opportunities, from assessing how we work with others, to a Q&A with Beck’s President and CEO. This is just one of the many ways that Beck’s invests in their interns. I learned a lot in this time, but I wanted to share some of my key takeaways with you.


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Intern Avenue

Adrenaline and Professional Development

Zoom! Zoom! Zoooooooom! The go-carts flew past us as we cheered them on through each turn. A new wave of adrenaline hit each time the leader sped by, the rush of air cooling my sweaty face. Once the checkered flag of the final race waved, winners were awarded their trophies, and it was time to hit the hay. We’d had a full day. More activities filled the agenda for the next.

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