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PFR Report

Corn Population and Row Width Harvest

Author: Jim Schwartz

Join Jim Schwartz, director of PFR and agronomy and Jason Gahimer, PFR operations manager, in the field as the team harvests one of our multi-population, multi-row width plots with Capello's All Row Gladiator Corn Head.

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PFR Report

Capello® Gladiator All Row Corn Head

Find out how the Capello® Gladiator All Row Corn Head performed in the PFR 20 in. vs. 30 in. row width study this season.


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Why I Farm: Behind the Movement

Therapeutic Thursday

After three days of rain across the Midwest, patience might be wearing thin, especially since we're in the peak of harvest. And, if you're having yields like my dad in central Indiana, it's one of the best harvests he's ever had, and might ever see in his lifetime. But big yields means a slower harvest. Longer lines at the grain terminal. More days in the field. And more time relying on patience. Something that isn't easy for my family.

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Looking Past The Numbers

What We Measure Tends To Improve

Author: Doug Clouser

“What we measure tends to improve.” Francis Beck regarded that quote as one of his favorites.

I am not sure who originally said this, or if this is even the original way in which it was stated. But what I have learned over my career here at Beck’s, and especially the last year or two, is that this is definitely a sentiment that I believe in.

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Why I Farm: Behind the Movement

An Invisible Passenger

Instead of getting worked up that I was now traveling at a mere two miles per hour, every few minutes on the interstate, I took in the city atmosphere. I listened as the cars in the opposite lane whizzed by at a methodical pace. With semis closing in around me, the smell of exhaust, brakes and dirty equipment took over my car. I was as far away from the country as I could get, and all I could think about was the farm.


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