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The Great Outdoors With Mike Roux

Blackpowder Coyotes

Author: Mike Roux

The snow and brutally cold temperatures we have endured over the past couple weeks makes doing anything outdoors uncomfortable. However, for those that want to fight the cold weather and still have some fun outdoors, now is a great time of year. One of the best things that winter brings to hunters is hungry coyotes. The conditions lately are perfect to call-in and shoot these wild canines.

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The Great Outdoors With Mike Roux

Start'Em Out Right Hunting

Author: Mike Roux

Today I want to take a look at hunting in its purest form, through the eyes of a child. There are two ways that we can collect data on a child's perception of hunting. The first way is to remember. Take yourself back to the days when even a morning rabbit hunt was as big an adventure as an African Safari. The second way is much more precise. Just ask a kid.

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The Great Outdoors With Mike Roux

Shot Placement For Bowhunters

Author: Mike Roux

Hello, I’m Mike Roux and welcome to my outdoor column on Beck’s blog. It is my pleasure to be a member of the Beck’s Team. I have spent decades in the outdoors and I have a true passion to pass along what I have learned and experienced to my readers.

My blog will focus on fishing, hunting, boating, camping and all other outdoor activities that we all love. I will discuss how-to, where-to, why-to and introduce the places and people that can make your experiences in the outdoors more meaningful. I will spend quite some time dissecting the relationship that develops between the landowner and the hunters he allows to use his land. Farmers and hunters are partners with like conservation goals.

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