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PFR Report: Making Your Soybean POST Trip Count

Author: Joe Bolte

As you start to plan your post-herbicide application trip for your soybean crops, you may be looking for ways to maximize weed control. With the ever-growing list of resistant weeds, proper weed management techniques are more important than ever. Heavy spring rains may cause the pre-emergent herbicides to break down earlier in some fields this year. Therefore, another layer of in-season residual herbicide will be critical this year.

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PFR Report: Managing Delayed Planting

Author: Joe Bolte

Across the Midwest, finding a window to do field activity has been very challenging this spring. Many farmers find themselves wondering if they should change any of their management strategies as planting continues to be delayed. But, before you make any changes to your 2019 plans, let’s discuss some factors that could influence your growing season.

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