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Sugar - What We’ve Learned

Author: Alex Knight

As commodity prices leave us looking for new ways to be leaner and leaner with our on-farm practices, one consideration that rises to the top as a cost effect practice is applications of sugar in-furrow. Why sugar in-furrow? You may have noticed that many in-furrow starters already have a small percentage of sugar within their fertilizers. The idea behind applying sugar in-furrow is to stimulate the microbial activity. If we can stimulate microbial activity in the soil, then more nutrients will be readily available to the plant, thus promoting yields.

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PFR Report

Fall Wheat with Interseeded Soybeans

Author: Alex Knight

One thing we are testing at the Ohio Practical Farm Research (PFR)® site is planting soybeans into a wheat crop before harvest. While some farmers throughout Ohio are already practicing interseeding soybeans into wheat, there are still two perspectives to really consider. The first question you need to ask yourself is, “if you are going to plant wheat, should you interseed soybeans, plant double-crop soybeans, or not plant soybeans at all?” The second thing you need to consider is, “if you are going to plant soybeans, is it best to plant your wheat in the fall and interseed soybeans, plant your wheat in the fall and plant double-crop soybeans, or just plant early-season soybeans?” 

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