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PFR Report: The Grit & Grain of 2019: Delayed Planting

The wild weather of 2019 created challenging conditions, which caused many to implement unconventional practices on some farms. Heavy downpours on tight Midwestern clay soils delayed planting in much of our marketing area, and the shorter planting windows left farmers wondering, “Should I switch my corn hybrids to shorter-season maturities?” This question prompted our Practical Farm Research (PFR)® team at Beck’s to organize a delayed planting hybrid response study. 

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PFR Report: Delayed Planting

What were the top recommendations this year for delayed planting and how will it affect harvest? Check out this video to learn more.

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CropTalk: Don't Turn a Delayed Planting into a Late Harvest

August 2019

Author: Luke Schulte

The never-ending rains and flooding of this season have provided each of you with a host of challenges along the way. The excessive moisture has led to many issues that are obvious and easily detected – compaction, nitrogen (N) defi ciency, foliar diseases, weed issues, etc. However, a potential lurking issue may be just at your feet or, more importantly, just below the soil surface.

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PFR Report: Managing Delayed Planting

Author: Joe Bolte

Across the Midwest, finding a window to do field activity has been very challenging this spring. Many farmers find themselves wondering if they should change any of their management strategies as planting continues to be delayed. But, before you make any changes to your 2019 plans, let’s discuss some factors that could influence your growing season.

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