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Pumpkins in Paradise

When most Midwesterners think about Hawaiian agriculture, pineapples and coconut trees leaning out over calm, blue water are about all that comes to mind. Many would be surprised to know that there are corn breeding facilities in Hawaii. During the six months of the year that corn doesn’t grow in the Midwest, the Beck’s breeding team doesn’t just sit idle. Every day, progress is made to advance new genetics and to improve seed for our farmers. For years, Beck’s used winter nurseries in Chile and Mexico to grow corn in the North American off-season until 2016, when there was an opportunity to invest in U.S. soil where corn can grow year round. Beck’s just celebrated one full year and three corn crops at our new Beck’s Hawaii Facility in the town of Kekaha on the island of Kauai. Last winter, when most folks in Indiana were shoveling their driveways, Beck’s employees made over a million hand pollinations in the corn breeding nurseries. Each pollination is a new chance to create an inbred line that could be a part of the next hot hybrid.

This year, as a way to give back to the community of Kekaha on the island of Kauai, the 11 full-time employees at the Kekaha facility planted about an acre of the farm in pumpkins to be given away.

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Why I Farm

Beck's Why I Farm Roadtrip: Pennslyvania Farmer, Tad Kuntz

“You do it because you like it, not because you want to get rich. It’s not for the short hours.” Tad Kuntz says growing fruit is in his blood. “I’m a 4th generation fruit grower. I grew up on a farm north of Gettysburg, about a 600 acre orchard. My dad, my two uncles and my grandfather were fruit growers. My great-grandfather was too, but I never met him. My grandfather and father taught me pretty much everything I needed to know to be in the business. I went to college and majored in horticulture just to learn why you do it the way they told me to do it. Most of my education came from them.”

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Family and Farming - Fall Decorations

Life Isn't Always "Pinterest Perfect"

The mornings are crisp, the leaves are turning, pumpkins are being picked, soups are being added back into menus, football games are played on Friday nights, and harvest has begun. Its official, fall is here.

I started to write that fall is one of my favorite seasons, but when I really get down to it, I enjoy all the seasons, just for various reasons. With fall, it’s the vibrant and warm colors that adorn the trees as the leaves turn, the cool but sunny days which are perfect for being outside, the fabulous apple and pumpkin dishes that start to fill my kitchen, and finally, using the elements of nature to create my fall decorations!

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