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PFR Report: Late-Season SDS Observations

Jonathan Perkins, location lead and PFR agronomist at our Effingham, IL site filmed this PFR Report from the field to provide some insight into the late-season SDS observations the SIL PFR team has made over the past few weeks. 

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PFR Report: Why Water Management?

What Three Years on a Clay Pan Soil Has Taught Us

Author: Joe Bolte

What has three years of implementing water management practices at our Practical Farm Research (PFR)® facility in southern Illinois (SIL) taught us? That in environments that struggle with drainage, tile has payed dividends. Despite the common belief that tile does not work on clay pan soils, our data has proved otherwise.

So, the question is, why did tile work? To gain a better understanding, we must first dig deeper into the soil moisture and temperature data we have gathered over the past three years with CropX LLC moisture sensors.

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