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CropTalk: The Dry Down on Soybeans

October 2019

Author: Craig Kilby

Last year's soybean harvest was among the latest on record, resulting in fields harvested at higher than average moisture levels. Farmers may likely have experienced peace of mind as combines rolled, only to face the concern of storing and drying their wet soybeans. As a result, many farmers discovered for the first time that soybeans can be dried relatively easily using air alone or in combination with low temperature heat.

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Why I Farm: Behind the Movement

Therapeutic Thursday

After three days of rain across the Midwest, patience might be wearing thin, especially since we're in the peak of harvest. And, if you're having yields like my dad in central Indiana, it's one of the best harvests he's ever had, and might ever see in his lifetime. But big yields means a slower harvest. Longer lines at the grain terminal. More days in the field. And more time relying on patience. Something that isn't easy for my family.

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