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CropTalk: Choices in Soybean Seed Treatments

October 2019

Author: Pat Holloway

Over the past couple of decades, the ag industry has increased its focus on seed treatment research and development. This, coupled with the more challenging environment soybean seed is planted into as farmers plant earlier and more rapidly, has led to seed treatment being included on most soybean seed planted today.

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CropTalk: When it Comes to Soybean Threats, the Best Defense is a Good Offense

September 2019

Author: Maggie Holt

Primary methods of controlling soybean threats in fi elds used to be fairly straight forward. Start with the most resistant variety available, and then apply your fungicides and insecticides in a timely manner. Rotating with corn or other non-host crops was always an added management practice many farmers considered. However, there is a trifecta of threats to soybean crops that are increasing in severity and causing drastic economic losses in fields throughout the Midwest.

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