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CropTalk: In-Season Decision Making: Early

May 2022

Author: Nate Firle

The 2022 growing season kicks off our third year exploring a category of studies within Practical Farm Research (PFR)® designed to provide data to help you make more profitable in-season decisions. Compacting rain, cold snaps, frost, or hail are some of the uncontrollable in-season events that affect stands, plant health, and crop development, ultimately causing us to revisit our original plans in order to maintain profitability.

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PFR Report: Observations - Make them before it’s too late!

Every growing season is different, and quantifying those differences in determining their effect on our crop will enable us to adapt and overcome the constant challenges that we face as farmers. Beck’s PFR team has put an emphasis on scouting and gathering observations. This allows us to learn from the challenges we face throughout the growing season and how they correlate into the results we gather at harvest.

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