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CropTalk: Irrigation Water Management

June 2022

Author: Mike Blaine

Across the Cornbelt, with very few exceptions, water availability to the growing crop is a daily topic of conversation, consideration, or concern. Too much, too little, too late, and on occasion, there has even been concern of too dry to plant. We manage water with ditches, tile, subsurface drains, pipes, pumps, and supplemental irrigation water – the most common being an overhead, center pivot irrigation. And as goes water availability, so goes root growth and, in general, nutrient availability, especially nitrogen and sulfur. To a grower with sandy or coarse soils, the ability to irrigate is the ability to raise a profitable crop.

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PFR Report

The Influence of Tile Drainage and Irrigation on Yield

Author: Joe Bolte

Beck’s Practical Farm Research (PFR)® data has shown that early planting is one of the keys to maximizing yield potential. In 2017, much of the Midwest faced adverse weather conditions which made it a challenge to find optimum windows to plant early. In such situations, many farmers find themselves wondering what options they have.

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